Sander Scott, the Premier Realtor in Leelanau County, Michigan

When it comes to finding your dream waterfront property in Northern Michigan, having the right real estate agent by your side is crucial. In Leelanau County, there’s one name that stands out above the rest – Sander Scott. Since he opened his own brokerage, Net Real Estate, in 2023, Sander Scott has solidified his position […]

Biggest Mistakes Leelanau & Traverse City Waterfront Home Sellers Make

Not using 360 Virtual Tours, Interactive Floor Plans, Professional Photography with Blue Sky, Drone Videography, and GoPro Video. In the competitive world of real estate, showcasing your Traverse City Waterfront Property or Leelanau County Waterfront Home effectively can make all the difference. To help you understand why these tools are vital, let’s delve into the […]

Maximizing Real Estate Services: Independent Broker vs. Realtor

In the realm of Traverse City real estate, the choice between working with an independent real estate broker or a realtor with a standard real estate license can significantly impact the level of customization and service you receive. Let’s explore how an independent, licensed real estate broker stands out in tailoring services to meet the […]

Understanding the Distinction: Real Estate Broker vs. Realtor vs. Real Estate Agent

In the world of Traverse City real estate, you’ll often come across three key players: Traverse City Real Estate Brokers, Traverse City Realtors, and Traverse City Real Estate Agents. While they all play a crucial role in the property market, it’s essential to know the distinctions between them. This knowledge can help you make informed […]

What Is My Northern Michigan Waterfront House Worth | How to Determine the Value of Your Property Plus Tips on How to Raise It Before You Sell

Navigating through the real estate market, especially in sought-after locations like Traverse City Waterfront Property and Leelanau County Waterfront Property, can be a complex journey. Understanding the value of your home and how to enhance it before placing it on the market is crucial for a successful sale. Let’s delve into the essential steps and […]

Electric Vehicles Charging Up the Traverse City Real Estate Market

Electric Vehicles and Their Ripple Effect on Northern Michigan’s Waterfront Real Estate The surge of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is not just a trend on the roads, but it’s also making waves in the Traverse City Real Estate market, especially in the serene waterfront properties of Northern Michigan. The blend of modern technology with nature’s tranquility […]

Lakefront Property Ownership Myths & Facts in Northern Michigan

Myth 1: Public Access to Lakefront is Open to Al Fact: Here it’s important to distinguish between what type of waterfront we are talking about:  an inland lake such as Lake Leelanau, Lime Lake, Little Traverse Lake, etc. or Lake Michigan.   If you own property on an inland lake, unless there’s a public right-of-way, park, […]

Exploring the Unique Aspects of Northern Michigan Waterfront Property

When it comes to real estate, you might think that purchasing or selling waterfront property in Northern Michigan follows the same path as any other property transaction. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Traverse City and Leelanau County waterfront properties come with a set of distinctive considerations that set them apart from standard […]