Leelanau Waterfront Property Brings People Together

Leelanau’s water and waterfront property draws people to our region. The picture above is me as a boy at my Grandpa and Grandma Nelson’s on Stony Point in Suttons Bay, MI. The two houses I lived in as a child were essentially waterfront properties, the first one being on Bay Street in Northport, right across from the public beach and marina. The second one was off Waukazoo Street next to my Grandpa Scott. This property had private waterfront with the public beach close by.

Leelanau Waterfront Property is a draw. It draws family to gather and to relax. Every year my Grandpa Nelson would read the Farmer’s Almanac to determine the best weather to have our family reunion at his place on Stony Point, and the whole Nelson side of the family would gather for the day (and longer in some cases). It would be a day trip for the Scotts since we still had to manage the gas station and convenience store, but it was great every year to reconnect with cousins who lived downstate.

I know from personal experience the value (in reverse) of waterfront property. I took being “on the water” for granted because it was all I knew. After my Grandpa Nelson passed away, the property was sold and a great family now makes their own memories there. My parents sold their place on Waukazoo and moved out north of town to start Black Sheep Crossing Farm Animal Sanctuary. We have great memories on the farm now, but there’s no doubt that we miss being “on the water.”  And now that we do not have any waterfront property in the family, we find we gather together less often.

Leelanau Waterfront Poperty  and being “on the water” brings family and friends together like nothing else. Certainly, there are other ways to bring people together, but it’s better to have waterfront property on your side!

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