So, You Want to Own Your First Home?

Owning a home is perhaps the single best investment you can make.  Benefiting from the appreciating value of real estate is only one reason to own a home.  Here is the best reason to own a home other than the financial benefits:  FREEDOM. 

  • Freedom from a landlord who can raise your rent payment.  When you buy using a fixed rate mortgage, your monthly mortgage payment doesn’t change.  The only way your payment goes up is if property taxes or home owners insurance costs go up.  And those don’t go up at the rate rent does!  
  • Freedom from a landlord who can and will evict you when there’s a hot seller’s market.  Landlords own property to make a profit.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  One of my dad’s favorite sayings was “Profit is not a dirty word.”  But if you like to control your own destiny, you need to own and not rent.
  • Freedom to have the pets you want.  Because Landlords are business people, they don’t want to risk allowing their tenants to have pets who can damage THEIR property.  That’s the difference–when you own it, any damage done is your responsibility.  If you’ve followed me at all on Social Media you know what Dee Dee means to me.  I cannot imagine having to give up Dee Dee because I can’t find a place to rent that accepts dogs.

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